For 80 years the Queen’s School of English has provided outstanding student support, well-researched curriculum, exceptional instruction, and a vibrant student life program.
Mission, Vision and Values



To educate, inspire and empower English language learners from around the world in a safe and collaborative learning community.


To inspire transformation through intercultural connection and learning that opens hearts and minds to a wider world.


Quality, growth, and dedication

Safety, equity, and diversity

Belonging, connection, service, engagement and support

Unwavering courage & bravery in us and our students


Diversification – diversifying modes and methods of program delivery; diversifying student body; expansion of programming offerings and local and global partnerships.

Student Experience – providing unique immersive, intercultural and experiential learning for all QSoE students; equipping students with the linguistic and cultural skills needed to succeed in Canadian post- secondary academic programs.

Responsibility – being flexible, forward-thinking and persistent as we advocate for ourselves, our students and our stakeholders.

Service – find ways to give back, build up and support all members of our community including the most vulnerable amongst us.

Building Community

Participate in classes, trips, activities, volunteer club and student council to make this experience your own. Immerse yourself in Canadian culture as you develop friendships, build community and create memories to last a lifetime.

Join our community!

QSoE Policies

Learn English at Queen’s University, a top university in Canada. Established in 1841, Queen’s University is one of Canada’s oldest universities. QSoE students are integrated into campus life, with full access to Queen’s University facilities: libraries, sports and recreation centres, and over 400 student clubs.

Experience the safe, beautiful city of Kingston, Ontario. Our vibrant city is full of culture, history and more restaurants than you could ever eat at during your stay!

Canada offers welcoming and affordable educational opportunities for students from around the world. Canada is a top study destination because of its high-quality education institutions and the opportunity for work and/or immigration upon completion of studies.