Prospective Students

How do I apply for the QBridge Pathway?

Students must apply through OUAC for the QBridge pathway to an undergraduate degree program at Queen’s University. Students can choose from four QBridge programs for the QBridge Pathway: QBridge Applied Science, QBridge Arts, QBridge Computing, and QBridge Science.

Applications and acceptances are provided by Queen’s Undergraduate Admission only.

How do I apply to an undergraduate or graduate degree program?

Students must apply through OUAC for an undergraduate degree program at Queen’s University. See Queen’s Undergraduate Admission for more details.

Students interested in applying to a graduate program should contact their department of study directly.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my visa?

Please contact the Queen’s University International Centre to speak to a Student Adviser at isa@queensu.ca.

How much spending money should I bring?

The amount of spending money you should bring will depend on your spending habits. If you live in residence during the Fall or Winter, you have the option of purchasing a meal plan. If you live in Homestay, meals are included in your Homestay fee.

You may want to have extra money for additional snacks, dining out, or entertainment. You will also be required to provide your own toiletries: shampoo, soap, toothpaste and other personal belongings.

While it is encouraged to carry some cash with you, we do not recommend you to travel with more than $200–$300 Canadian dollars (or equivalent to your currency). If you travel with your own currency, you may be able to exchange it to Canadian dollars at the airport.

Can I purchase a meal plan?

Fall and Winter Session

Various meal plans may be purchased from Queen's University Hospitality Services after you arrive in Kingston. Students may choose a meal plan that covers one, two, or three meals a day.

Other meals can be purchased individually at the cafeteria or at the on-campus retail outlets. Restaurants and grocery stores are within a short walking distance to campus.

Summer Session

Meal plans are not available during the summer.

Premium residences are equipped with small kitchenettes, where it is possible to cook and prepare meals. Small retail outlets are available on-campus to purchase lunches or snacks. Restaurants and grocery stores are within a short walking distance to campus.

Meals are included in the Homestay program.


How do I get a letter of acceptance?

Acceptance letters are issued by QSoE after full payment has been made.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Queen’s School of English does not offer financial assistance; however, we do offer some small scholarships to which students can apply. We offer two scholarships, ranging from $700-$1,500, each EAP term. There is also a scholarship for $750 for the August CAEE program For more details, see the Financial Assistance page.

How do I know what level I will be in?

Queen’s School of English delivers a standardized placement test at the start of the program. The results of this test will determine your placement at the appropriate level.

What is winter like in Kingston?

Winter is cold but beautiful, and it’s a ton of fun! The key is to dress for the weather. Warm clothing and boots will ensure that you enjoy the beauty of the snow and ice in our historic city.

Current Students

Why should I participate in the Student Life Program?

Queen's School of English offers a full range of after-school activities each session. This is an opportunity for students to practice what they have been learning in class, meet new people, and learn about Canadian culture. Although the Student Life Program (SLP) is optional, students are encouraged to participate as much as possible. Students who participate in a set number of activities will receive a SLP certificate, indicating the number of extra hours of English practice.

How can I get involved outside of class?

The Student Life Program offers the opportunity to practice English, meet new people, and learn about Canadian culture through various activities and trips.

The QSoE Volunteer Club is involved with community support through a wide variety of opportunities to give back. The club supports local charities and groups in need.

The QSoE Student Council provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and act as a voice for the student body. Get involved!

How do I activate my NetID?

Activate your NetID here.

Can I work while I am a student in your program?

Please refer to the Queen's University International Centre for more information on working in Canada.

How can I request a replacement certificate?

To request a replacement certificate please send us an email request.


How can I request an official transcript?

Official transcripts required for applications to universities and colleges, must be ordered through the Registrar’s Office at Queen’s University.

How do I print an unofficial transcript of my grades?

If you would like proof of your enrolment and a printout of your grades, you may download an unofficial transcript using the SOLUS Student Centre. If you need a letter regarding your attendance in our program, please email us at qsoe@queensu.ca.