Canadian Academic Skills, English and Sustainability

All over the world, young people are showing their worry about the planet’s future. Queen’s University is among the world leaders in looking to the future and developing new solutions to humanity’s continuing challenges. Learning English at the same time as taking a course designed around the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will help students get the language skills and practical experience they need to make global and local changes.

This 3-week English immersion program focuses on developing language skills using Canadian academic content and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. It emphasizes the knowledge, skills and strategies needed for academic success and is offered twice each year in early spring and summer.


There are 20.5 in-class hours per week which take place in two classes — Core and Lab-Spoken.


We use all four language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in a variety of real-world situations to develop the English knowledge and fluency needed to communicate globally. Canadian cultural content and SDGs are used to produce fun, interactive classes which truly engage and inspire us to address the challenges of the future.


Communication skills allow us to understand and share ideas around the world. This class helps us develop important speaking and listening techniques. Students practice speaking through presentation, group work, and pronunciation practice while listening practice uses real-world sources, such as TED talks and CBC videos, and teacher and peer interaction. By the end of this class, you will feel much more confident about talking with others and presenting your ideas in English.

Student Life

Program fees include three excursions to local Kingston attractions and afternoon and weekend activities, such as films, sports, baking, games, shopping, festivals, and visits to Kingston's many cultural and historic sites.

Admission Requirements

Students entering this program should have a minimum of intermediate-level English fluency. You will be placed in a specific class based on initial diagnostic testing when you arrive for the program on campus. 


Looking for financial assistance?

Apply for a the School of English 80th Anniversary Award ($800 CDN)

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