English for Academic Purposes
Live Virtual Online for fall and winter 2020 – intermediate, advanced and university preparation levels

This 12–week intensive English language program develops knowledge, skills, and strategies for academic success. It is offered 3 times per year in fall, winter, and summer.


There are 22.5 hours in-class hours per week*. The classes focus on integrated practice in all four language skills:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing

The program introduces learning strategies common in Canadian postsecondary education, such as critical thinking and task-based learning, while following standards of academic integrity. Students will also have the opportunity to choose an elective course that interests them. We offer exciting choices each term such as sports, singing, drama, business or inventing!

*Fall and winter 2020 classes will be held online, for intermediate, advanced and university preparation levels only.

Student Life

Program fees include afternoon and weekend activities, such as films, sports, baking, games, sightseeing, shopping, festivals, and visits to Kingston's many cultural and historic sites.

Tickets can be purchased for weekend trips to popular cities and attractions.

Admission Requirements

Students entering this program should have an intermediate or higher level of knowledge of the English language.

English Proficiency Exam Waiver

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