Student learning English

English for Beginners is a free 6-module online ESL course that will give you the chance to improve your English skills with some fun activities. When you finish the course, you will receive a digital badge of completion. 


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This course includes

  • English vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking through various tools and activities in theme-based modules. 
  • Free weekly drop-in session with a native English speaker!


Start our free online 6-week course for Beginners today and receive a digital badge of completion! 

After completing the free online English for Beginners course you will be able to:

Themed Practice 

Focus on Grammar 

  • Introduce yourself to others and listen to others introduce themselves. 

  • Read about real people. 

  • Ask questions. 

  • Write about yourself. 

  • Write about your relationships. 

  • Listen to others share their schedule. 

  • Review healthy habits. 

  • Discuss healthy habits including workspace, sleep, and nutrition. 

  • Learn about Kingston. 

  • Compare hometowns. 

  • Share hometown information. 

  • Learn about various modes of travel and transportation. 

  • Talk about travel plans. 


  • Become familiar with the phrase 'used to'. 

  • Use the simple past and past continuous with success. 

  • Use the future tense with success. 

  • Create complex sentences.  

  • Be comfortable with time clauses. 

  • Use articles. 

  • Use possessives. 

  • Be aware of punctuation and capitalization. 

  • Use comparatives and superlatives. 

  • Use quantifiers. 

  • Use modals effectively. 

  • Understand the usage of some prepositions and prepositional phrases. 


More information 

English for Beginners is a 6-week elementary ESL course, corresponding to level A2 on the CEFR scale. 

English for Beginners is an integrated skills program.  

The development of language skills and grammatical and lexical resources will enable students to engage in daily conversations about a variety of topics. Their listening and reading comprehension and spoken and written communication of main ideas and details will also be enhanced. 

Students will have the opportunity to expand and improve all language skills in academic contexts that relate to their interests. Assessments include module quizzes and task completion. Students who complete this mastery-based course will receive a badge of completion.