Student learning English

Our customized one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions offer personalized instruction specifically targeted to your learning needs.  


Whether you seek to gain admission to a university or college or are already enrolled in credit course programs, our customized one-on-one tutoring will support your success. 


Meet in real-time with a qualified English language instructor who will support you throughout your learning journey. Our instructors are English language specialists in specific skill and subject areas. 


Students are matched with instructors based on their individual learning needs.  


This tutoring service is ideal for English language learners who want targeted practice in specific language skill areas outside the classroom setting. 


Fee: $750*  

Fees include a package of five one-hour virtual tutoring sessions.  

*Please note that your five sessions must be used up within 10 weeks of purchase. 


Program Dates  

Available from May 2022 


Please note:

  • Fully Online: Our program is entirely online, learn at your own pace and schedule.
  • Visa Information: As this is an online educational program, enrollment does not qualify for an in-person student visa.
  • In-Person Option: For students currently enrolled in on-campus programs at Queen’s University, we offer in-person tutoring sessions to complement your studies.

We’re excited to support you on your language-learning journey, both online and on campus!